A Brief Overview

direct drippingCotto’s Revenge is a unique brand of flavored eJuice created by the famed eJuice crafter, Joe Cotto. The company was founded in 2013, making the brands rise to stardom all the more impressive, given how new it really is. The Cotto’s Revenge eJuice flavors have all been crafted specifically to be used in conjunction with direct dripping (also referred to more commonly, simply as, dripping) and feature a wide variety of flavors that range from the exotic to the relatable.


Signature Flavors

The company’s flagship flavor is the patented Bourbon Custard, which might sounded a bit outlandish at the outset. However strange it might sound though, has not stopped it from becoming Cotto’s number one bestselling and most beloved flavor. It is a curious mix of sweet, home-style Kentucky bourbon, vanilla flavored custard, roasted almonds and finally, a faint dash of coconut. Some of the company’s other popular flavors include High Life, a creamy, champagne based concoction, mixed with citrus and strawberry fruit flavoring to give a refreshing zip. Nani’s Kiss, an expert blend of candied toffee flavors, hibiscus and sweetened rum as well as Vendetta, potent and energizing blend of vanilla, custard, berries and brandy. Get you very own cottos revenge ejuice at eJuice Farm, the world’s most trusted online vape supplier.

All of Cotto’s flavors come in a bottle with a dripping cap and are oak barrel aged for two weeks, which gives them a unique and distinctive flavor. All of their flavors are also specifically designed for dripping (hence the dripping cap), though they can also still be used in conjunction with the more standard atomizer and cartridge combination. A question many people will now be asking, especially beginners, is, “But what the heck is dripping?”

Dripping with Cotto’s Revenge Flavors, What Dripping is and How to Do It

Dripping is a term that is very loosely flung about in the vaping community, which leads to a lot of confusion for beginners looking to expand their vaping experience. Broadly defined, dripping is the process whereby the eJuice liquid is applied directly to the atomizer. This is accomplished by removing the vaporizer’s cartridge, which by extension will leave your vape without a mouthpiece. However, this isn’t a problem as there are many different custom mouthpieces specifically created to be used in conjunction with dripping.

To begin dripping you will need to apply about 4 to 5 drops of your preferred brand of Cotto flavoring down the drip tip (the mouthpiece replacement). The atomizer should either be new or freshly cleaned before you begin. Once you have applied the liquid it will run down directly into the device’s atomizer which gives a fresher, stronger, more invigorating drag than a normal cartridge would typically provide. Then simply continue applying your preferred flavor of eLiquid once your flavor begins to fade, usually this occurs around five to six drags in.